CFW5.03 TDP-3リリース

QJで、PSPのカスタムファームウェアM33シリーズベースのCFW5.03 TDP-3のリリースを伝えていました。【情報源:QJ

PSP homebrew – 5.03 TDP-3, now includes tdpDevkit pc tool
PSP homebrew – 5.03 TDP-3、今回はPC用ツールtdpDevkit同梱版

The TodoPSP team’s back with 5.03 of TDP-3, with a package that comes with the tdpDevkit PC tool, which is useful for those apps that work on 5.00 m33 but not 5.03 TDP. The tool modifies the files and lets you run the apps on 5.03 TDP, so you still get the best of both worlds, so to speak.

If you already have TDP-1 or TDP-2, just run the updater. But if you still need to upgrade your firmware to 5.03, you gotta download the official Sony eboot 5.03 first, rename it as 503.PBP, put it in PSPGAMEUPDATE, and only then you should run the updater.

The full updater can do now, also, the low updater function.
TDP ‘Recovery’ is installed in seplugins. You can launch it, using M33’s vsh menu.
TDPの’リカバリー’モードがsepluginsにインストールされます。リカバリーモードはM33 VSHメニューからも起動できます。
You can launch 5.00 M33 apps such as Irshell (apps that don’t work over 5.03 TDP) patching this apps previously with tdpDevkit.exe

Everything else that you might need to know is in the readme, so be sure to check it out first before trying anything. It’s called readme for a reason.



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