PSP 2 coming pre-Christmas will be an iPhone beater
PSP2 クリスマス前に登場 打倒iPhone
Sony’s new compact handheld console will feature sliding touchscreen and dual analogue sticks

Whether it’s labelled the PSP 4000 or the PSP 2, there’s been a lot of rumour recently about an imminent successor to Sony’s handheld console. There’s also been a lot of talk about how Sony might react to the competition on offer from the phenomenal success of Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.
PSP-4000やらPSP2やらと言われていますが、ソニーの携帯ゲーム機のまもなく出るだろうと言われている後継機については様々な噂があります。またアップルのiPhoneやiPod Touchの驚異的な成功を目の当たりにして、その市場へ打って出るのではという情報も多方面から聞かれます。

Unsurprisingly the console manufacturer has been comparatively mute in both cases, denying the existence of a PSP sequel and any threat from Apple. However, having spoken to an insider source – who’s not Dave Perry, but is a developer working on the new hardware – we can reveal that the new handheld will arrive before Christmas and will be far more similar to the iPhone than the current device.
ゲーム機メーカーとして次期型PSPの存在を否定したりアップルの戦略に対して平静を装ってダンマリを決め込んでいる現状は驚くべき話でもないのですが、内部情報によると(Acclaim社のDavid Perry CCO(チーフ・クリエイティブ・オフィサー)からの情報ではなく、新型ハードウェアの開発に着手しているというある開発者からの情報です)新型携帯ゲーム機はクリスマス前に発売で現行iPhoneと似たような構成になるというのです。

Like Apple’s newcomer, the PSP 2 will be a compact device with a large touchscreen. However, where Sony’s machine has the edge is when the touchscreen is slid open as it reveals familiar buttons, D-pads and – praise the Lord of Handhelds – dual analogue controls.

This new format should allow for both existing hardcore console titles as well as simpler touchscreen games along the lines of those currently available in the App Store. And like the App Store, (and in the absence of UMD), the games will all be available for digital download via the PlayStation Store.
ソニーの新型機は、既存のPSPのタイトルだけでなくアップルが展開するApp Storeにあるようなタッチスクリーンを活かしたゲームが新たに加わることになります。UMDがなくてもApp Storeと同様に、ゲームはプレイステーションストアからデジタルデータとしてダウンロード販売されるでしょう。

Although this hasn’t been confirmed, our speculation is that Sony’s initial plans for a small upgrade to a PSP 4000 model have since been accelerated by the success of the iPhone and arrival of Nintendo DSi.

As yet those are all the details we have, but we understand the full specs and pricing will be unveiled at E3 in June.



□E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo)で詳細発表

iPod TouchだけでなくiPhoneもライバルということはやはり携帯電話キャリアとのタッグが存在しているという意味でしょう。

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CFW5.03 TDP-3リリース

QJで、PSPのカスタムファームウェアM33シリーズベースのCFW5.03 TDP-3のリリースを伝えていました。【情報源:QJ

PSP homebrew – 5.03 TDP-3, now includes tdpDevkit pc tool
PSP homebrew – 5.03 TDP-3、今回はPC用ツールtdpDevkit同梱版

The TodoPSP team’s back with 5.03 of TDP-3, with a package that comes with the tdpDevkit PC tool, which is useful for those apps that work on 5.00 m33 but not 5.03 TDP. The tool modifies the files and lets you run the apps on 5.03 TDP, so you still get the best of both worlds, so to speak.

If you already have TDP-1 or TDP-2, just run the updater. But if you still need to upgrade your firmware to 5.03, you gotta download the official Sony eboot 5.03 first, rename it as 503.PBP, put it in PSPGAMEUPDATE, and only then you should run the updater.

The full updater can do now, also, the low updater function.
TDP ‘Recovery’ is installed in seplugins. You can launch it, using M33’s vsh menu.
TDPの’リカバリー’モードがsepluginsにインストールされます。リカバリーモードはM33 VSHメニューからも起動できます。
You can launch 5.00 M33 apps such as Irshell (apps that don’t work over 5.03 TDP) patching this apps previously with tdpDevkit.exe

Everything else that you might need to know is in the readme, so be sure to check it out first before trying anything. It’s called readme for a reason.