EZ5i core updateがリリース

GBAtempで、EZ5 1.90 open beta 9のリリースともにEZ5i core updateのリリースを伝えていました。【記事

ファームのアップデートはいつもの事ですので割愛いたします。気になったのはEZ5i core updateです。


Finally, also available is an update for the EZ5i internal loader. This is a new feature for the EZ5i only (earlier models of the EZ5 have no use for this) and as this is the first of the kind (outside beta releases) an explanation is necessary.

For the EZ5i the EZTeam added the ability to update the very core of the cart (that is to say how the EZ5 interacts with the DS and the internal hardware, a feature they are claiming as unique among present flashcarts), this update aims to fix some problems with SDHC reading and fix detection of the EZ5i in the DSi a small number of users have had.

To use simply extract the .nds file to the root of the card (the first directory as in e:\ or wherever your card reader puts the memory card) run it and follow the on screen instructions. Users are strongly advised to have a fully charged DS before undertaking this.



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