Wii最新FW3.4用のTwilight Hackリリース〜またまた任天堂涙目でHomebrew復活

はてなブックマーク - Wii最新FW3.4用のTwilight Hackリリース〜またまた任天堂涙目でHomebrew復活
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HackMiiで、任天堂によりHomebrew削除対策を施されたWii最新FWの3.4専用のTwilight Hackのリリースが伝えられていました。【記事

Rise of the Dead

So I said that the Twilight Hack was gone and probably wouldnt be coming back.

Good thing I left that probably in there.

Yes, they screwed up the anti-Twilight Hack check. Again.

Theres not much point in us publishing a detailed explanation on where the problems are this time around. It comes down to nothing remarkable anyway – just more stupid, silly bugs. They fixed some and added more. We didnt look much this time because we thought that, well, they really couldnt have screwed it up this time, could they? As it turns out, you didnt even have to look at the code to figure out that something was wrong. Someone tried to copy the Twilight Hack out of a 3.3 Wii and into a 3.4 Wii. Go ahead, try it. It doesnt quite work (it crashes the game when used), but the save copies. Oops. Props to Krusty for pointing this out.

Will this finally be the last release of the Twilight Hack? Will Nintendo finally manage to beat it into the ground? Third times the charm, maybe? We dont know.

Enjoy: 【Twilight Hack v0.1-beta2 (special 3.4 edition)

Notes: This is for 3.4 ONLY. 3.3 and earlier users should continue with the v0.1-beta1 Twilight Hack. The hacked savefile will be deleted on every boot, so you should copy it, run Zelda, and immediately install HBC, as the hack will be gone once you go back to the System Menu (and then youll have to copy it again to use it again). JAP and PAL are untested but ought to work.
注意事項:これは3.4専用です。3.3以前のWiiには今までのTwilight Hack v0.1-beta1を使用してください。ハッキング用のセーブファイルは起動するたびに削除されてしまうので、まずコピーをしたらゼルダを起動させ、すぐにHBCをインストールしてください。一旦システムメニューに戻るとインストールできなくなります。(再度セーブデータのコピーからやり直しになります)日本版とPAL版は未確認ですがまず大丈夫でしょう。

Also, this in no way implies that updating is a good idea. Its not. Dont do it.



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