Moooshell2.0ベースのEZ-flash Vカーネル2.0 alphaリリース

GBAtempで、Moooshell2.0をベースにしたEZ-flash5のカーネル2.0 alphaのリリースを伝えていました。テスト版からアルファ版への進化です。【情報源:GBAtemp

EZ5 Kernel 2.0 alpha
Slowly adding features back in.
EZ5 カーネル 2.0 アルファ

The EZTeam have released a new version of the upcoming 2.0 kernel for the EZ5 (all versions), this time soft reset and cheats are back. Please note there are two versions: one for SDHC cards and one for SD cards (both are in the same download from this site).

For those new to this line it is based on moonshell 2.0 but to get it working many of the extra features have had to be ported over and have been/are absent from this line as it stands. It is however considerably faster to launch games.
新カーネルはMoonshell 2.0ベースですが、今までにない機能も盛り込みました。しかしゲーム起動は今までより速くなりました。

QUOTE(Release notes)
Touchscreen is not functional in this version.
To access cheats press “y” with the game you want cheats for highlighted.
A limit of 256 cheats per game is in effect.
Soft reset is L, R, A and B.
Cheats now included in download, however they are in Chinese so others may want to grab from the GBAtemp cheat database



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