DSでなんちゃってDSi?HW_OS build 100がリリース

GBAtempで、旧型DSおよびDSLiteでDSiライクな起動画面構成を楽しむHW_OS build 100がリリースのリリースが伝えられていました。【記事

—Build 100 HW_OS—

#What is it?#
HW_OS stands for Hello World Operating System. This is the way I would like my DS to run/look so I made it.
All the graphics are done by myself. I hope you find this little app or OS cool for atleast a short time.
(I’m thinking 5 mins max then ur just gona delete it)
HW_OSはHello World OSという意味です。自分がやってみたくて作りました。

#How to Install#
<1>Place all files/folder onto the root of your card.
<2>Now create 2 new folders. Name one “Homebrew” and the other one “Games”
<3>Place your .nds files accordingly. (NOTE: Commerical NDS games DO NOT boot, so there isn’t a point in placeing them there)
<4>Enjoy, boot up that baby.

Some times you may get a error saying a file cannot be found. Try copying the files over to the card again.

This app does not work on R4/M3. This is because the DIDL patching for those cards are poor and cannot boot nds files properly.
You can still have fun exploring the interface though, you just won’t be able to boot nds files.

The light icon makes the sound cut out on my DS…This is because i haven’t made it auto detect if you are useing a DS or
a DS Lite. This will be a future update, for now just don’t mess with it OK?

HW_OSの起動に使ったのはSuperCard DSONEです。



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