When you buy an Authentic SaveMii, you’re not just paying for some parts — you’re supporting Team Twiizers’ past and future hacks!

Listen up, would-be cloners: the market for this device is probably not big enough for two or more teams to be selling competing devices. We will all end up with a bunch of unsold devices, which will probably hurt us more than it will hurt you — but it’s still a lose-lose situation.

That’s the carrot — now here’s the stick:

We can’t compete with a mass-produced clone of SaveMii. If someone makes a serious effort to sell one, we will probably release all documentation, sources, schematics, and everything needed to make one. marcan will even release sources for his earlier PIC-based version, which is a lot less optimal but tinkerers are more likely to have the parts at home. We’d rather give this to the world at large and let companies fight for the profits than worry about it.