HACK: a functional bin loader on track!
パッキング: バイナリーローダーも動作して進行中

A developer named Flyer has discovered a flaw backup back with good news: a bin loader is working! One hopeful for PSP2000v3, PSP3000 and PSP Go! in a firmware higher than 5.03.
Flyer氏というある開発者がグッドニュースをもたらせてくれました:バイナリーローダーが動作したのです。PSP-2000v3とPSP-3000、そしてPSP goに新たな希望が見えてきました。5.03より新しいファームウェアに道が開けるかもしれません。

If you’re one of the new members of the underground community, do not worry we will resume here the main points of why exploits.
Since the arrival of new motherboards with waterproof kit SDC / XGen pandora, the only way to hack the Sony portable is … the use of a loophole. This is not new and every system has flaws. Today, the goal of PSP developers is to find one that will run unsigned code (as Dave chickHEN) to patch the installed RAM and a subsequent non-permanent custom firmware.
ソニーのPSPには新基板が登場し、XGen pandoraはリリースしたものの、その新基板PSPをハッキングをするためには新たなシステムの脆弱性が必要になりました。これは特に新たな手法と言うわけではありません。どんなシステムにも脆弱性というものはつきものですので、PSPの開発者は非署名コードを実行(Davee氏のchickHENがその例です)できるシステムの脆弱性を見つけ出し、RAMにパッチをすることで恒久的ではないにしろカスタムファームウェアをインストールすることを目的としています。
So the arrival of the PSP Go (and firmware 6.20) which opened hunting faults and unfortunately many fakes dissemination. However some info we challenge and we now have high hopes for the PSP hack inflashables (PSP2000 TA088v3, PSP3000 and PSP Go!, Especially in a higher firmware to 5.03 prevent the use of chickHEN).
PSP goが発売され(ファームウェア6.20もリリースされ)、脆弱性探しが過熱し始めましたが、FAKEが多かったことは非常に残念です。しかし今回はflashの書き換えができないPSP(PSP-2000 TA088v3、PSP-3000、PSP Goで、特にchickHENが起動しない5.03より後のファームウェアを搭載したもの)にとってはかなり期待できそうです。
Some time ago, a developer named Flyer said he found a flaw in a game savedata set name was not revealed to avoid seeing this flaw mouthful Flyer was launched into writing a bin loader.

little evidence of the fault

With the support and monitoring of several serious and experienced developers of the PSP scene as Wololo and n00b81 Flyer that has pursued his project and hasset up a bin loader (e-loader) for this fault backup. What does this mean? Itis possible to load bin files as if Sony had signed.
Could this be the beginning of a new hack? Probably yes, but as you know, once the game title and announced the exploit release, Sony would need 48 hours to fill all this. Besides it should also be a flaw Kernel in order to launch homebrew and iso. In other words, it is most likely to take time. But for now, seems determined Flyer has his job releaser. When? we do not know but you will be aware of this progress when we have something new.
However, an alternative to this seems to exist, actually Flyer said it had discovered another flaw backup but this time in a freely distributable demo. This would be less trouble for the release as a demo is available for everyone. Yet to be seen whether the bin loader could be made “compatible” with this new vulnerability.
Again Wait and See, but the path to a new hack seems to draw slowly. Avoid then update your firmware (especially if a new official firmware appeared).



今回の件でGENチームは第三者的立場です。現時点ではノータッチでゲーム名は知らないはずですが、カーネルモードexploitがもし見つかってHENが実現できればGENチームの出番となりCFW 6.XX GENへとつながって行くことでしょう。



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