PSP Pandora Deluxe一覧

便利なPSP Pandora Deluxe v2.1 リリース

PSP Pandora Deluxe v2.1 リリースでPSPのパンドラをPC上で手軽に作成できるPSP Pandora Deluxeの最新版がリリースされていました。

Pandora Deluxe v2.1

Here you have it, an all-in-one solution for your Pandora Needs.

This program is designed to prepare your PSP Memory Stick to be used with the Pandora Battery. Unfortunately this program can not change your Battery to Pandora, however it will copy programs to the Memory Stick in order for you to do this yourself.

This version has been boosted a little, with 5 more Support Tools, and a brand new Tab so you can select the Support Tools you want to install.

The new Support Tools are Alternative VSHMenu, CXMB, NetConfBackup, RSPSARDumper, and UMDumper, this is a combination of requests and tools I thought would be useful.
 新たに増えたのはAlternative VSHMenu、CXMB、NetConfBackup,、RSPSARDumper、そしてUMDumperです。リクエストの多かったツールと、私が便利だと思うツールの組み合わせです。

I hope you enjoy this new release…


お断り : 訳はまもすけテキトー翻訳ですごめんなさい